Specializing in MindBody approaches to the diagnosis & treatment of chronic pain, medically unexplained symptoms, & central sensitization syndromes.

Chronic Back, Neck, & Joint Pain



Chronic Headaches


TMJ Syndrome


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Painful Bladder Syndromes

Pelvic Pain Disorders

Diet/Chemical Sensitivities

Chronic Fatigue

Insight Medical Consultation

Taking into account a whole person in the context of their whole life, the goal of the first visit is for you to get to know Dr. McClanahan and for him to get to know you and your medical/symptom history.


This is the foundation of Insight Medicine - taking the time  necessary to listen and understand - whether it is chronic pain or some other persistent symptom. 

This begins the process of clarifying the root causes of your issues and determines our path forward. Subsequent treatment plans vary, but broadly fall into one of the following:

  • Neurosomatic Medical Evaluation and Treatment

  • Osteopathic Manual Medicine

  • Regenerative Injection Therapy

  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration 

The Center for Insight Medicine is different...

As the Southeast's first Insight Medicine practice everything we do aims to treat more effectively by diagnosing more accurately. And unlike many clinics, we take the time to do so.


If you're interested in having a better understanding of your symptoms and why they've persisted, you want treatment that leaves you in control and feeling empowered, and you're willing to begin the journey to where it's easier to feel healthy.....then you are ready for INSIGHT. 

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Raising Hands
 Reeducation     Reprocessing     Resiliency

One unique aspect of Dr. McClanahan's approach is his offerings of educational and experiential workshops. 


Please click on the "classes and lectures" link to be taken to a description of class and lecture offerings. The "calendar" link at the bottom of the page has the dates for upcoming classes and other events.