Booking Appointments

If you've read this far and you're interested in seeing what we can do together, then please read through the "Online Booking" section below, click the "Book Appointment" button, and follow the instructions.

Whether or not I have seen you previously, to the Center for Insight Medicine you will be a "new patient." Thus, we would like you to fill out new patient intake paperwork. Please see our "Office Policies" page for more info.  

Our rates vary a bit depending on the type of visit (i.e. new vs established) and time spent, however I will not take any forms of insurance, and this has particular nuance for any federal and state plans like Medicare/Medicaid, TennCare, TriCare, etc. For lots more information on this, please see the "Financials" page.

What to Expect, When You are Expecting.....your first appointment.

In the hopes of having the most efficacious and timely appointment possible, Dr. McClanahan requests the following:

- Please show up for appointments ~10 minutes early (30-45 minutes if filling out forms in-person and not online).

- Make sure you have the following:

- Completed New Patient Paperwork (if not done online)

- As many prior health records as possible including:

- Lab Results

- Imaging Study Reports (only bring CD's if no report is available)

- Consultant Reports/Opinions

- A FULL list of medications, dosages, reason for taking them, and who is prescribing/recommending them.

- A FULL list of supplements, dosages, reason for taking them, and who is prescribing/recommending them.

- We do NOT need general primary care records, notes on physicals & colds, immunizations, etc. 

Online Booking

It is a new era, friends, and one in which more and more things are done in and through the world wide web. And via our electronic medical record, we have that ability. 

[Of note: if you are uncertain in any way about online booking process, please call the number below and we will call you back and assist you in the process]

Once you click blue "Appointment Booking" button below, you will be prompted to create a secure, HIPAA-compliant profile, and then request an appointment. Subsequently an email will be sent confirming this and giving you access to our new patient paperwork, standard forms, etc. - all of which is completed online, in the comfort of your own home!

[Again, please call if you are uncomfortable with the web-based nature of this. We can email or print forms for you and you can fill them out in person. Please let us know if this is the case and you should plan to show up at least 30 minutes early - I do not see patients without paperwork]

Hope to see you soon!