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The Insight Pain Institute (I.P.I.) is a collaborative online resource, the goal of which is to provide educational and experiential tools that promote resiliency and recovery from persistent pain.  


Dr. McClanahan is one of the founding members of this group, along w/ Tyler Orr, LPC, and Jason Therrien, DPT. These practitioners recognized the potential in their unique and creative relationship and developed I.P.I. to broaden the reach of their multidisciplinary approach to treating pain.


In their own words, "We envision a world in which understanding why we hurt catalyzes growth, reduces suffering, and makes us free to be our healthiest selves."

To inquire about in-person workshops, speaking opportunities, and online training for both practitioners looking to enhance their capacity to understand and treat persistent pain conditions, as well as patients interested in their own freedom from pain, please visit our website:

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