The difference between hope and despair is a different way of telling stories from the same facts. 

~Alain De Botton

Perhaps I am stronger than I think...

~Thomas Merton

Why Should You Try Insight Medicine...?

By nature, INSIGHT is a fundamental human need, within ourselves and in our lives, because from it we determine who, what, how, where, and why we are - literally our being in the world.


The goal of Insight Medicine is to serve as a guide to more deeply knowing whatever manner of "stuck" in which we find ourselves and discovering what it has to teach us. This reduces fear, and, with proper guidance and outfitting, helps us realize the path forward into an intrinsic experience of health.

Amazing as it is, this often takes more time than the medical machine has to offer. But time is central to what we offer. You may find a "quick fix" or no fix here, but you will for sure find integrity, energy, and compassion.


Our hope at the Center for Insight Medicine is for you to so effectively take back control of your health and feel so deeply good that you ultimately "fire" us. This is true freedom - in the face of life or death or within whatever you are experiencing. 


Understanding - empowerment - ease of wellbeing... Sounds nice.